Mid City

javier dorantes, known as "Mid city"

has been in tune with darkness, and has sought it out in his sound. Javier recalls being introduced to electronic music during raves in 2009. Having already had a musical ability, and his growing love for the scene, he quickly uncovered the path towards the Underground. And the world of deep, dark techno production. Javier's influences include Cleric, SNTS, Kwartz, Perc, and other producers that create dark and hypnotic techno. He was also a resident DJ at STEALTH Nights.

Javier has taken his Techno career beyond just being a DJ and Producer. As of 2018 he took it upon himself to create Blvck Cvstle Records. His very own record label. Blvk Cvstle Records has released 11 EPs, and has worked with DJs such as CHRLS X, EAS, and Luisao. Be on the lookout for a Technoids hosted label night....

Javier's skillset in music goes beyond the world of techno and dance music. Javier and his cousin, Jonas Galindo, are a two-man Experimental Post-Punk band, Tsaffire. When Javier is not occupying his time as MidCity, or as the founder of Blvck Cvstle Records, he is putting in time and energy as frontman and bassist for Tsaffire. Links for Tssafire will be included below this page, for those interested in hearing Javier crooning over some New-Wave sounds.

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