Oddio J

jack fraijo, known as oddio j

is bringing in decades of experience, love and appreciation for the art of DJing, to the Technoids crew. Oddio first fell in love with electronic music in the mid-90's, whilst listening to Power Toolz on 105.9FM. He had heard his first real taste of the infectious sound of Techno and Hard House; he was hooked.

It is definitely not Oddio's first rodeo in the techno scene. He has had, the honor to play in legendary places such as: The Masterdome in San Bernardino and The Alexandria Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. He has played alongside acts such as Frankie Bones and DJ Hyperactive.

In late 2015, Oddio J became the host of his very own radio show, on fnoobtechno.com. There, he shares his interpretation of years worth of techno appreciation and honed technique, as well as being able to feature many more artists; spreading the love of Techno to a worldwide listening audience.

Now, Oddio J is joining Technoids as our newest resident Dj. But, don't let that fool you. "New" is definitely not any way that we can describe his experience and technical authenticity for his craft.

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