EBany diaz, known as "ebanoids"

has recently begun her journey as DJ. Ebany, with the help and support of her "FAM", founded Technoids. Ebany was always deeply fascinated by music, seeing it as her only centering mechanism for attention deficit. She also found a deep affinity to fashion, looks and attitudes that were translated through the various genres of Metal, EBM, New Wave, and Jazz styles that she found herself fascinated with.

Ebany was first introduced to the "rave scene", around the age of 15. She has cycled through various genres of "EDM" over the years, and finally found a true home in TECHNO, in more recent years. She specifically found a home in the LA Underground Techno scene, and could be seen on the dancefloor, week after week. Addicted to the masses and sounds. Through her devoted participation in the Underground scene, she found herself promoting for several Underground promoters, as well as gained various friendships with DJs and Producers, in the scene.

Ebany specifically resonates with techno styles that exhibit faster BPM rates, such as Rave Acid, Industrial, Gabber, Schranz and Hard Techno. Ebany never found or imagined herself taking on the "DJ" mantle. She refused it, for a very long; until recently. Finally being convinced to try her hand at the decks, she has finally taken on a DJ role. Ebany is working towards predominantly mixing under a hard techno style, with influences such as PetDuo, Instigator, Buchecha, Brecc and Mechanical Brothers.

Feeling homesick in a time where the Undergrounds are not available, Ebany and crew created Technoids, as a way to create their own home. This new "home" is also open to all other dancers, and techno lovers who also miss dancing under the strobes, with some banging Techno at the helm. She is looking forward to improve and expound upon her knowledge of Techno, as a DJ. Most importantly, she wants to create a safe space, and the rebirth of a movement that has been dearly missed. You can find her here at Technoids.

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