James Sanchez, known to the techno world as "Amuck",

is a DJ& producer from Orange County, California. He was fascinated with art at a young age. During his teens years, his passion was expressed through the art of graffiti. During 2008 he attended his first music festival and was inspired by how music made him feel and the multiple people he encountered during music events. He started to DJ in 2012, and has since played at multiple underground events in southern california. Amuck has been in production for 6 years and has been incorporating hard minimal, hypnotic, elements into his own style of berlin techno. Some of his influences in the techno scene are Rebekah, I Hate Models, wndrlst, Marco Bailey, 200andOne.

In love with the techno culture and continuing his artistic side, he has launched A.INFINIT a project where his message is “there is no limit to what you can do”. James has been working on spreading his message of consciousness and positive intention through his brand. He has recently started a youtube channel, in which you can find him talking about these related topics. You can find Amuck residing in the heart of Los Angeles with Technoids.

Amuck is one half of the Technoids duo "0919".

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Cut and Edited by James Sanchez


Cut and Edited by James Sanchez