西 (xi), known to most by "west",

was born in 2000, raised in Shanghai, China. She started her underground electronic music journey earlier than most children, due to needing a peaceful escape from reality. Since as early as 2015, West immersed herself in the Shanghai underground scene and found her passion for techno. West was very heavily influenced by I HATE MODELS, and other techno producers that create electronic music that is submerged by melancholia, sadness, darkness, suffering and violence.

West wants to show other young individuals that techno was her answer to beating depression, and other personal insecurities and hardships. Many outsiders view the underground scene as a catalyst and gateway into a dangerous and chaotic environment. For West, this remains to be the opposite. West has found a home and sanction within the community, that has helped her absolve herself for her "problematic" years. "Techno is not a crime. Techno is the answer. Nostalgia, passions, and the suffering self"

Be on the lookout for the youngest member of the Technoids squad.