A musical community of Techno Heads, DJs and Producers that were called to revive the Underground Community. With the help of our LA-based resident DJs and team members, we're looking to bring the Underground back into LA. For those who have lost the safe space within the dance community, during this pandemic, we want to be considered a new home for what was lost.

We have drawn inspiration from the various groups before us, that came into prominence in the Los Angeles scene. We decided that it is time for us to come forth. With our own vision, imagining and our own flavour. And with the deepest respect for those groups that did it before us. We want to focus on what we have in front of us, by introducing and spotlighting the LA based artists that live right in our backyards. With that, Technoids will be highlighting the Resident DJs that we have on board, as well as look to collab with other LA-based collectives. Please take a look at our Resident DJ tab, for more information and content from our Technoids residents.

We look forward to your advocacy and support. We live for Techno and Dance. We live to bring it back into your lives.

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"The Squad" captured by Jacqueline Carrillo

"First Show" captured by Rafael Figueroa

We are...


We are a collective. A collective of individuals that have found their way to this moment through very different journeys, taking very different steps. Look around however, and find fragments of your self within every set of eyes. Because in the self we are all but one. You may not remember how you got here, but you are here, nonetheless. And as you make your way down to the basement, you start hearing the sound that had been pounding. From inside your head. Trying to knock the walls down to be let out to play.

We emerge ourselves in the dark. Where sounds are so clear you need no light. You feel the bass so deep in your chest that hold your feet steady. The sounds that dance in your head paint 4D pictures illustrating every sound with such delicacy. It tastes better than candy. How is it that you found home in such dungeon. I'm here to tell you it's a castle without the glamour. It's a body without a shell. It's a mind without a cage. A soul without an ego. It is home because for once you know you may let your self run free without fear or judgement. I do not fear the loudness nor do I fear the darkness. My eyes have adjusted and my limbs have molded to my advantage. We are a collective because in music we found home. Because of music we found TRIBE.